Studio adress:
Kloosterdreef 44
5622AA Eindhoven
The Netherlands



Martin Schuurmans is a furniture designer from Eindhoven that focuses primarily on the design of chairs. As a designer he tries to stretch the possibilities of existing materials and provide them with new applications. Martin draws his inspiration mainly from the materials themselves and sees new opportunities.

Concrete Chair

Inspired by the demolishing of an shopping-mall next door. Every day the heavy machinery was hammering down on the reinforced concrete. Leaving an unexpected beautiful sight.

These handcrafted chairs are produced out of one singe sheet of reinforced concrete. After the concrete is hardend Martin breaks and folds the concrete into its final shape.

The concrete chairs are available in two different models.

     #1 low back

     #2 high back for more support. 

Standard color is the traditional concrete gray, also the chairs are available in black and white.

Price € 1650,-

Concrete stool

 It is always nice to see how a product leads his own life after it's put into use. This product started out to be a side tabel and turned over time into a stool. You can use it as you please.

Martin developed this stool together with his intern Rik Maarsen. The product needed to be a complementary addition to the Concrete Chair family. The final result is a very nice product that really stands out on it's one and is strong enough to be in depended. 

Standard color is the traditional concrete gray, also the stool is available in black and white.

Price € 950,-

Chair 266

Chair 266 Prototype 

This chair is a tribute to the Result-chair no. 4560 by Friso Kramer a Dutch icon. This is the start of a serie of tribute chairs that where important to the chair industrie and the personal growth of Martin Schuurmans as a furniture designer. 

Price in consultation.